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Javier Luis



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Javier Luis

what i offer students



I love to know that someone feels better about themselves after meeting me. I get immense joy from acknowledging people for who they are and what they can achieve.  Be you and set your voice free. 



I support and praise every step of the way. Confidence comes from within but it is outsourced with praise and strengthened with honesty. I will identify areas of the voice that need attention and give you the tools to develop.



Having fun is the key to sustaining motivation and interest. It benefits your emotional health and reminds us not to take things TOO seriously. Elitist attitude is not practiced here.This is where we are so liberated to find our voice that a bum note here or there will happen.

Singing is a form of vocal expression that everyone can nurture and develop. It brings healing and health to the Body, Mind and Soul. I want to see it become a part of people’s daily lives!

Join me online for …

Singing & Vocal Coaching

How the voice works

Vocal Exercises

Getting to know the voice you cannot see

Clearing emotional blocks and unleashing your voice

Learning vocal techniques

Application of techniques 

Vocal styles

Finding your voice

Microphone technique

Performance and delivery


Basic Harmony Coaching

Understanding basic harmony 

Ear training

Singing Harmonies

I want to make the space for those of you that want to sing, and make it a part of your life, just like when you go to the gym, do yoga or go for a jog.

What I will help you do is free your voice. It starts with some courage, a song and a sense of fun. 

I first joined a band when I was 16.  At 19 I was in a band playing gigs in Sydney. What a journey since then …

About Javier Luis

A professional singer for 22 years and Vocal coach for 15 years, Javier resides in Sydney and is  the Co-founder of Live to Sing in Rozelle, Sydney, established in 2007.

His work as a singer has taken him across Europe, Asia and Australia. He coaches in all genres of singing styles, from contemporary to musical theatre.

Teaching beginners of all ages through to established touring professionals.

Javier Luis
Online Music Coach
30 Callan Street
Rozelle, NSW 2039

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